Am having a mare adapting into my pre-made studio spot at the flat. Am also trying to recreate my business cards which are also proving to be a mare too as I can’t seem to find many of my files – either they’re still on my name at Uni or I’ve misplaced them somewhere on my Baby Mac…


Look what I found...

Whilst trying to re-organise my desk top I came across an old styling shot I did for my length paper in third year, as part of the assignment we had to apply our design to a final product. As you can see I went with furnishings.

Cheers to the guys at Thornet who let me come in and take a few shots to put this together and Lillian for her camera at the time.

My first and last fashion photog. assignment from 2011 – couldn’t have asked for an awesome and friendly model, you did well my friend, you did well! (psst! hope you don’t mind me posting!)


Happy New Year and apologies for the lack of love my dear old blog – I have been consumed in the work above and when it is not this time of the night with work looming over for tomorrow I will spend more time and care in uploading the rest of this interesting project – you may have noticed in previous pictures this window display has played quite the part in my flat.

I have also become very, very addicted to Pinterest – you should follow me –

I promise to keep in touch more often now that I am a free bird from the arms of Lady University.

I have discovered the sweet power of making a .gif, umm why won’t it show on wordpress? it seems you have to click on the image to get the .gif up and going…

Something else by Natalie wood


love it.









Maskingtape on window – own work, model – friend

Just need to figure out how to translate this into some sort of look book or campaign. Really want to make a .gif out of the images

So am baby sitting Rach’s camera for the next three weeks – well actually needed a camera for my block course.

Am actually learning how to use a camera – can’t believe I got away with it in Intro to photog. in first year FAIL.

No more Auto for me – all manual from here baby.

So have become really interested in capturing action/movement in the dark, so have been playing around with the shutter speed to capture the light tensity of the dark and the movement of light.

Don’t know if I’ll use it in my actual concept though… have a few other plans for that, will go over with tutor tomorrow.

But I know I have to because I have work tomorrow. SMN.

I want to stay up and do work – the flat is so quiet and perfect for doing work, no interuptions, no construction noises, no damned people slamming their doors, draws and anything else you can slam ‘cos you’re that obliviously ignorant.

Had a successful laser cutting session today for the first time in like yonks – multimedia paper put me off laser cutting for a while, infact it nearly killed my love for it.

I think I don’t want to go sleep because I’m in fear of the fact that this is my last year to make the most of my creativity – like do shit that I can control and create before I could possibly become enslaved into working under some one else.

And I’m scared that I could lose my love for design and get carried away with the idea of making money – working shit jobs, travelling the globe.

Strip me bare of my money, possesions, family and friends. At the end of the day, design is what keeps me going.

This makes me think of the many conversations I with people who have no idea what being a design student is like or the way we operate.

I think I should go to bed before this gets deep lol.