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sneak preview for something to come in June 2013.


working late zzz

currently looking into films, have been filming myself working, filming my comp screen, doing video diaries at 4am to try and capture every little scrint my head comes up with towards this project, “Adapting the traditions of Siapo”. And now I’m considering changing the name of the project as it’s boring…

currently trying to come to grips with Final Cut Pro X. and retiming as some of the experimental processes I have been filming can take up to four hours.. yuk. I also finally got around to watching Frank Oceans Lost vid. I liked the compilation of footage and this Mondrian layout…

Not sure how to take note through all the mediums (note books, wall notes, vid diaries, phone notes etc) I’ve been collating the stuff that goes through my head.

Take a look for yourself..




Addicted to undercuts at the moment. Don’t tell Mom.

in the woods.

I have been trying to figure out my final major essay for Material Culture – I’m looking at clothing as identity and trying to find case studies to compare with ideas of clothing as commodities, identity, youth culture (we have been given a chapter from our text book and have to use this as a reference to the case studies etc). I initially started looking at youth culture and uniform but have found myself swimming back to the idea of suits… probably because of work and our clients, along with their tastes in suits, cloths, styling and especially their line of work has always fascinated me – let alone the amount of money one is willing to part with in obtaining a tailor made suit.

Any way, on my journey I have been looking largely into Zoot suits and came across this brilliant quote from Malcom X. My knowledge around the Zoot suit is still growing but he manages to describe it completely in one sentence.

He describes the Zoot Suit as,

“a killer-diller coat with a drape shape, reet pleats and shoulders padded like a lunatics cell.”

Wish this guy was still around so he could write my essay.



Today I managed to get my sick self to the World Press Photo Exhibition on the windy water front.
Me being sick in bed for a day does not compare to the many life threatening situations happening in our world today that have been documented and exhibited at the World Press Photo Exhibition. And I’m thankful to my Facebook friends for pushing me in their favored decisions.

My favorite out of all them was a series by photo journalist Alejandro Kirchuk. This guy is only a few years older than me and has already accomplished a heap of projects with international awards to match.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading around Photography and Roland Barthes (Camera Lucida) in regards to Material and Visual Culture. Even though the series featured in the exhibition were displayed in a standard size and framing, it was the story behind it that really extended it’s cultural meaning beyond it’s material display.

Basically, the people featured in this series are of the photographer’s grandparents. For me, these photographs portrayed a strong theme of love. His grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease so his grandfather endured to take care of her in her illness. He prepared all her meals, fed her, washed her, changed her daily in addition to giving her hugs and kisses which helped in maintaining a memory connection through her Alzheimers – considering this is a degenerative disease.

“My granmother passed away in July 2011, at home, in her bed, in her husband’s hands.”

Although the photographs documented the endurance’s of caring for someone with Alzheimas, it was obvious the series were more so about the love expressed between Alejandro’s grand parents.

I look forward to catching a glimpse of his long-term project around football and it’s social phenomena in Argentina.


Look what I found...

Whilst trying to re-organise my desk top I came across an old styling shot I did for my length paper in third year, as part of the assignment we had to apply our design to a final product. As you can see I went with furnishings.

Cheers to the guys at Thornet who let me come in and take a few shots to put this together and Lillian for her camera at the time.

I have discovered the sweet power of making a .gif, umm why won’t it show on wordpress? it seems you have to click on the image to get the .gif up and going…

But I know I have to because I have work tomorrow. SMN.

I want to stay up and do work – the flat is so quiet and perfect for doing work, no interuptions, no construction noises, no damned people slamming their doors, draws and anything else you can slam ‘cos you’re that obliviously ignorant.

Had a successful laser cutting session today for the first time in like yonks – multimedia paper put me off laser cutting for a while, infact it nearly killed my love for it.

I think I don’t want to go sleep because I’m in fear of the fact that this is my last year to make the most of my creativity – like do shit that I can control and create before I could possibly become enslaved into working under some one else.

And I’m scared that I could lose my love for design and get carried away with the idea of making money – working shit jobs, travelling the globe.

Strip me bare of my money, possesions, family and friends. At the end of the day, design is what keeps me going.

This makes me think of the many conversations I with people who have no idea what being a design student is like or the way we operate.

I think I should go to bed before this gets deep lol.