Lately I have been screen snapping ALOT … here’s what I have gathered in recent web travels

colouring pencils from Marc Jacobs

Interior from the Design Library on Marion street, Wellington, NZ

Chuck Anderson Digital print on board shorts – wouldn’t mind a onesie made from this to go snow boarding with… hmmm this could possibly make me look like a comet coming down the mount…

Just admiring Snoop Dog’s three piece cup cake suit

Speaking of cup cakes – this was a present from one of my lovely customers – they sell these at the Old Bank Arcade on Lambton Quay – make super neat treats or presents

Main picture for my multimedia mood board

I thought this picture best described my boyfriend: cute, passed out, ciggie in hand.

go to – you can insert pictures and gather colour chips like the above for ideas etc – has been very handy this year

Would love to find a dress like this to wear to my new job

Mary Katranzou – wicked jeweler and digital designer, is currently launching a website too:

haha – get it? ‘Hot Dog’

Audrey Kawasaki – would love to get one of illustrations as a tattoo

The new Kanye West short film – could definitely see this shot as a cool repeat pattern

A good friend directed me to this – also reminds me of my alternative histories project

this cute little monster is currently on my desk top, sometimes I wish he was made of chocolate so I could just munch him up