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Pictures can only paint a thousand words




On a chilly sunday evening with 2 and a bit hours left of freedom till semester two starts, I am beginning to wonder if I am ready to handle what this design degree has in store for me now..

this semester I will be taking four papers this time:

Multimedia – advance laser cutting, digital embroidery and weave

Design Studies – from glancing at the assessment schedule for the first part of semester two it looks like we will be dealing with all the messy bits to do with theory and design: referencing etc

Digital Studio 2 – a new tutor I hear… should be fun.. hopefully!


Art Textiles – we get to have an exhibition at the end of the ordeal! hah!

I also recently purchased myself a snowboard so I’m wondering how I’m going to fit all my independent study, part time work and snow boarding fun into these small seven day weeks! ah! meh, gotta make the most of being a student I suppose haha!

Had a lovely week off – finished my online portfolio paper with my best friend’s 21st in good old sunny otaki (lived up to its name the next morning too haha) then gaped it to the hawkes bay, spent a few days in good ole palmy and am now back in c-c-c-c-chilly wellington!

here’s a wee squiz from the otaki 21st!