hmmm, in the last 12 hours I have gathered goods from:

Digital Textile Classes from 2nd year

  • making floral repeat patterns in Photo shop

The assignment revolved around themes to do with movie genre’s in this case I got given ‘action’ movies and just went from there… these are not all of them, can’t let the cats out of the bag just yet!

  • working Illustrator and creating geometric repeat patterns

I can’t remember how the theme for this assignment worked out… I think it had something to do with being given a certain kind of colour palette – I got given this sick as pastel palette – as you can see I went back and changed the saturation of the colour.hehehe.

Structures Classes from 2nd year

  • Laser Cutting

these samples have just been scanned in, want to try and see how I can capture them in their true form – they just look super flat when you put them through the ole’ scanner.

  • weave

um I’m not sure whether or not to include these in the portfolio – these are the only one I liked from the weave assignment, the other samples are a bit rough and out of it…


  • The Knit paper was a block course, we had to make four final pieces.. am not sure about the knit samples? probably because I don’t like them… unless if I make a random structures pile in my online portfolio and have some sort of crazy mix of structures – felting, weave, laser cutting, knit and so on..


Really need to do some research into how I can photograph/record these samples.. because my photography right now is pretty shyte right now. Need to make it look a little more pro with a bit of quality, lighting, angles etc.

Surface Pattern from 2nd year

  • This is all I can find on the computer at the moment from that paper, I could feature my drawings leading up to the final along with some coordinates…

  • this drawing is not quite to scale – need to figure out how I can scan the entire drawing in – could make a drawings, sketches link to my portfolio? or could use these to portray the process into my final wall paper for this assignment.

Just had a quick chat with my tutor, I really need to refine my content down a bit more – I don’t have to include everything I’ve done in textiles but what I like the most – like it doesn’t have to be strictly textiles – ie: I could have a gallery of drawings etc

Although going back to the brief… I go on about saying how I want to use this as an opportunity to reveal this textile world – but at the same time – its a ‘portfolio’ not a blog I guess. I think not only do I need to refine my content but also my ideas on how I want to portray this portfolio – for example: am I making this portfolio to sell my work – or to portray the things I love? To show that I’m aiming to become a surface pattern designer/ interiors designer/ fashion designer? Or why refine it to one position and not three million?

Why did I take such a diverse degree…?

any ways, disappeared for a bit and found some more stuff from that surface pattern paper:

  • coordinates and sketches from the alternative histories assignments, need to put them through photo shop and play with some levels as they’re quite dark.
  • should I catergorize them in a way that they relate to process towards the final product or catergorize in a way that they group as? ie: have a drawings gallery link?

Here goes some work from this year…

and some more…

I’m just posting whatever I can find in my computer now – hopefully along the way I can figure something out …

Computers 1st year

Print Paper Block Course – note to self – record final croquis to display on blogg.

need to clean that scanner glass…

Intro to Photography 1st year

Print-making Yr13

I keep thinking of so much more to throw in here.. I was thinking I could have a home page that navigates to different galleries.

  • Like a gallery for surface pattern
  • A gallery for all my drawings
  • One for all the structure samples
  • And then like a personals gallery – this could include all things from home, dress competitions (if I can be bothered finding those garments) and bits and pieces from 1st year design as well as high school? or would that be doing too much?

and all the pics could have random navigations to connect to other pics that relate to each other and the ideas behind them.

I still can’t get over how shyte the recording of the work is so I’m gonna pop to the library and dwell over some Textile View Magazines in the hopes of some inspiration of layout/aesthetic and direction.