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Laser etched Taffeta.

one of the final pieces to my collection featured in the Pacifc Natural Fibre Symposium – very exciting…



A3 cartridge paper, masking tape, designed through Illustrator, location: Massey University Old Museum building, fellow class mate of a model.

Am having a mare adapting into my pre-made studio spot at the flat. Am also trying to recreate my business cards which are also proving to be a mare too as I can’t seem to find many of my files – either they’re still on my name at Uni or I’ve misplaced them somewhere on my Baby Mac…

Happy New Year and apologies for the lack of love my dear old blog – I have been consumed in the work above and when it is not this time of the night with work looming over for tomorrow I will spend more time and care in uploading the rest of this interesting project – you may have noticed in previous pictures this window display has played quite the part in my flat.

I have also become very, very addicted to Pinterest – you should follow me –

I promise to keep in touch more often now that I am a free bird from the arms of Lady University.