Today I managed to get my sick self to the World Press Photo Exhibition on the windy water front.
Me being sick in bed for a day does not compare to the many life threatening situations happening in our world today that have been documented and exhibited at the World Press Photo Exhibition. And I’m thankful to my Facebook friends for pushing me in their favored decisions.

My favorite out of all them was a series by photo journalist Alejandro Kirchuk. This guy is only a few years older than me and has already accomplished a heap of projects with international awards to match.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading around Photography and Roland Barthes (Camera Lucida) in regards to Material and Visual Culture. Even though the series featured in the exhibition were displayed in a standard size and framing, it was the story behind it that really extended it’s cultural meaning beyond it’s material display.

Basically, the people featured in this series are of the photographer’s grandparents. For me, these photographs portrayed a strong theme of love. His grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease so his grandfather endured to take care of her in her illness. He prepared all her meals, fed her, washed her, changed her daily in addition to giving her hugs and kisses which helped in maintaining a memory connection through her Alzheimers – considering this is a degenerative disease.

“My granmother passed away in July 2011, at home, in her bed, in her husband’s hands.”

Although the photographs documented the endurance’s of caring for someone with Alzheimas, it was obvious the series were more so about the love expressed between Alejandro’s grand parents.

I look forward to catching a glimpse of his long-term project around football and it’s social phenomena in Argentina.