But I know I have to because I have work tomorrow. SMN.

I want to stay up and do work – the flat is so quiet and perfect for doing work, no interuptions, no construction noises, no damned people slamming their doors, draws and anything else you can slam ‘cos you’re that obliviously ignorant.

Had a successful laser cutting session today for the first time in like yonks – multimedia paper put me off laser cutting for a while, infact it nearly killed my love for it.

I think I don’t want to go sleep because I’m in fear of the fact that this is my last year to make the most of my creativity – like do shit that I can control and create before I could possibly become enslaved into working under some one else.

And I’m scared that I could lose my love for design and get carried away with the idea of making money – working shit jobs, travelling the globe.

Strip me bare of my money, possesions, family and friends. At the end of the day, design is what keeps me going.


This makes me think of the many conversations I with people who have no idea what being a design student is like or the way we operate.

I think I should go to bed before this gets deep lol.