since working in menswear (started a couple of months ago so am still a spring chicken) my view on fabric design and garment construction has heightened more than what it has in the past three years of studying textiles. I-N-S-A-N-E. And what’s even better is that I actually get paid while I’m sucking in all this fantastical knowledge!

I keep finding myself checking to see if some guy with a suit on walking down the street is fit properly or not – its low key weird but the art of constructing a suit is very, very interesting – it’s not a process – its more like an art form.

At the place I work at, they’re pretty big on colour and encouraging it. Umit Benan Fall 2011 posess’ this idea of encouraging colour in a very minimal sneaky way – nice conservative flow of obscure layering, lapel shaping, lengths of jackets with a hints of colour and texture as if expressing another side to these gentlemen.














peace folks. there may be more to come of this in the future….