Decided to add tabs in for the other galleries – so you can access them from other gallery pages rather than having to run back home all the time.

This is the template for each gallery page – a short introduction for the gallery in the centre of layout – this short intro is part of a mini page – you can either choose to click the short intro (which will take you to the first lot of drawings – depending what gallery you are in: finals for surface patterns/structures etc) or you cam choose from the menu down the side.

Some of the working drawings are those of finals – so each photo has a link to a final page – In the end I had to make seperate pages for the drawing pictures to link to the final – above is an example of the template for the finals – a sml description of inspiration and tabs on the side if the user wants to go back to the drawings or to check out the rest of the surface pattern finals. as well as a wee home for those who want to start over…


Wasn’t too sure how to go about the content for the about/bio page so decided to keep it short and simple – straight to the point – It kind of reminded me of Bebo – nobody bothers to read and long phat paragraph talking about yourself – and I feel this keeps them biting for more – infact I might turn the ‘watch this space’ sentence into a link to my blog…

First beginning idea of layout for PDF teaser – too many pages – need to shorten down:

  • discard the cover pg and contents pg
  • combine all working drawings with finals – some may not even need working drawings – ie – digital textiles.
  • and spare the conclusion to a contacts page

And now I shall leave you with an online portfolio from a 3rd student majoring in communication design over in the states

I came across his portfolio while looking for some ideas for a friends birthday – I liked his reinterpretation of William Faulkner’s ‘As I lay Dying’

I like how everything is placed in boxes and laid out – also – after you’ve visited each thing on the site it crosses itself out in the menu list above.



ps: good time waster: hehehehe