Have started putting text into the boxes – small descriptions etc

Also how can you insert a small paragragh into the blank slides? is this possible and how? I keep asking questions to Wix but they answer me with something else grrrr.

Looking at where to place my full name in explanation for the SEW title – I think it fits best underneath rather than on the right hand side of the title SEW.

Should I include these on every page ie: drawings page, structures page etc? I have a home button on each of the gallery pages for this though..

For my Geometrics work it’s all in Adobe Illustrator – I’ve used ‘export’ to turn the files into JPEGS but feel they look rather shyte… ie: pixelated – how can I improve/fix this?

I felt that all of my gallery pages needed a title instead of just the SEW to signify which page you are on – especially if some of the mini pages from the other pages are going to link to other mini pages in other galleries – also – how the FREAK do you link mini pages to other mini pages in different galleries? and/or is this possible? please say it is..

Made different tabs for the CONTACT and ABOUT pages – have added abit more of a realistic effect to the pages – ‘shadowing’ thanks to ‘effects’ – just remembered to do the shadow for that page *__*

Came across another portfolio – very cool indeed – and the navigation is wack! my cursor was going nuts – it was awesome.


you drag your cursor over the textured colour and it moves with more texture and reflection. Menu is on the top left hand side and the entire window acts as a slideshow gallery…

click one..

click two…

click three…

BOOM this is much bigger than the norm but where I drag my cursor the image is going up or down so was quite differcult to take a snap shot.

Any ways – its getting late and should jitt home soon – will leave you with some Star Wars Pancakes – I don’t know why – but Star Wars seems to be in the air lately..


really need to figure out the links thing on this thing…