Decided to bring the small notes page aesthetic in  – don’t want to much clutter so am working with mellow colours/palettes and using the textured background for hints of detail

Hand drawn pages for each of the galleries – does this all look to simple?

looked at trying to add in a few accessories – like the yarn and some random laser cut fabric to make tabs for the ‘bio’ and ‘contact’ pages – lay out pages still needs some playing around

Coming towards a final layout – the pages still feel alittle odd looking – will look at adding a shadow from ‘effects’

This is an example/template for one of the three galleries/pages – short menu of assignments down the side – you can click on either the menu or the centre introductive text to begin exploring

an example of scale when you click on one of the images in the slide show of one of the choices in the gallery.

What the slide show looks like when you click on one of the choices from the side menu – the pics do not have any text yet… will work on this