So just casually stalking a few old friends of mine from first year uni and high school

First up: Anne (was Russell, now Vindriis – new engaged ^_^ )

We went to Palmy Girls together and we both did design in our last year, saw on the ole’ facebook she has a website out so went for a squiz:

I liked how she has presented an online portfolio as well as a working advertising website (if that makes sense)

You can navigate your way through the menu above into her work etc

Also found a sweet link on one of my friends blog – very textiley if ya’ know what I mean:

Going back to my layout research from magazines and what not – they were rather full of detail and clutter – a sentence that best describes a textile students workspace as well as work book for that matter – but going back to the goal of perceiving an aesthetic that best describes this space I work in – I need it to simple as well as effective – for example – the design sponge helps portray this:

The small bordering of lace to the side

The notes plastered to the side

and bits of random stationary/tape/lace/ripped fabric bordering the title

then I went and did a bit of fishing around on

I do like the idea of using stationary to be decorative but at the same time I want it to be more than ya’ casual graph paper

liked the idea of these colourful post it labels and the pictures drawn on them – this has given me a near idea for doing up the menu tab in my aesthetic

Ok – so I’ve come to this: maybe I should have a fun-filled decorative home page – with all the jibbles and jangles and then for the backgrounds for all the other tabs – ie: bio, contact etc just that plain stained background to help keep it simple etc

cool – so may have a bit of a night a head of me – as for the all whites vs paraguay – I may catch you on my way…


and leave you be with this: