This is so exciting! The end of the tunnel is becoming clear!

Still needs quite a bit of refining though…

The background is just a piece of water colour paper on the background of one of my prints – am trying to maintain a simple yet textile bookwork effect for the background aesthetic – I don’t want the background to over ride the work in the galleries.

again – just nice and simple

then went into looking at using the textures from the back of one of my prints as the background – it’s a little dark – also need to think more on how to present the galleries or lay them out – horizontally or vertically? also – what to do with that space in the left..

played with the levels more to brighten things up

is starting to actually grow on me aye…

thought I’d add a little spice to the palette with a paper clip of yarn – hoping to use this little accessorie to add a wee bit of colour as I felt the over all layout was rather bland/black/grey tones

those gallery boxes are still looking quite sick aye. Need to think of a cool and sound way to present them.

brought out the levels again – like how its brightened the coloured yarn – and am using this colour to navigate the menu – ie: when you mouse drags over the text in the menu it highlights to that colour.

came across a cool little illustration portfolio and luv’d how this guy drew star war character heads on his models – when you go to the site the illustrations instantly float across the page:

menu of illustrations down the side and images of illustrations floating past horizontally