So this is just playin’ around

am still getting to grips with this website and its awkward tools – thank god for the sweet tutorials – the above I have just done from scratch, wished I had taken on one of the already made one’s and mixed them up to get a hang of playing with layout and so fourth.

so… stole a template – well its not stealing – more like borrowing etc and just fiddling round more with the different tools etc – kind of like the idea of a patterned background – still looks super dodgee tho..

Refining a bit more

I made another page but can’t figure out how to preview it without it going back to the main papge – would probably help if I made a wee menu to navigate there.

I know – really need to get around to editing those friggin’ photos!

Had a wee group exercise discussion and feel a little better that we’re all around the same level – some cool ideas going on too.

Off to do a little more surfing now