• Here is a wee draft of the feature page – I quite like the old paper look – so may look into this for a bit more of a final aesthetic – want my portfolio to have a sound textile feel to it as that’s what it’s all about!
  • Also when you click on the ‘H O M E’ it takes you to the home page – go fig! But I’m tryin’ to figure out I can make it just the picture you can click on to take you to the home page rather than having a title feature the word ‘H O M E’
  • Really need to properly edit the background image – ie, the ugly black line in the background.

  • And here’s a draft of the home page – figured out how to turn the picture into a button – go to links and go from there.
  • Here I have just used a frame from the wix examples – want to make up my own – like a kind of torn off piece of ring bound paper with some smudgees etc.

  • and just the contacts page.
  • make font a little smaller?
  • to include my wordress address or not? and if so – where would I put it?

Things to think about:

  • a ‘H O M E’ link on the contacts page – to make a set menu for each of the pages that states, ‘H O M E’ etc
  • or why don’t I just make the picture in the contacts pg a link back to the home pg..duh.

sweet – feel like I’m finally getting the hang of this wix stuff

Peace. cont…

So just did a bit of photo editing for the feature page yo: what do you think?

Draft One:

Draft two:

  • I got rid of the HOME title and played with the levels in the etching drawing.
  • Do yo think it looks too yellow and should I try it in black’n’white? or would that defeat the purpose of my little etching?
  • Also – moved the title text to the top – am thinking of changing the font but liking the simplicity of the font featured there… can’t remember what it’s called though…
  • Also – how the freak do you get rid of the white border in photoshop – like how do you physically control the crop tool without discarding the uneveness of the etched paper?

I liked saturated things by the way – it’s a dirty little habit of mine

well it’s getting close to late so will leave you with something astounding and random:


came across this whilst waltzing through Marta’s online portfolio – it is actually mesmerizing – so mesmerizing infact that I still havn’t navigated my way through the site as the music is too good to leave!

Peace and good night.