Sorry blog I’ve havn’t updated you regularly but Massey internet decided to conk out on friday and the weekend!

Any who, here goes…

  • woops, I just remembered there is a wee mistake on here I’ve forgotten to change: the links to the ‘bio’ and ‘contact’ are are supposed to be seperate to that of the three galleries. – unless if I wanted them to feature on the side menus in each of the galleries?
  • The navigation tree is just simple as goes, with artwork/samples from other galleries relating to each other (ie – contributing sketches relating to their final works).

Here is an idea of what kind of content will feature in the galleries

  • Have quite a bit of editing to do as well as re-shooting of finals and what not.
  • Need to figure out how to capture structure samples – have thought of a small idea back from when I needed a cheap and easy way to record them in my workbook – I colour photo copied them onto a white background and the light from the colour photocopier was perfect for bringing out their colour more and the detail in them.
  • all sketches/drawings need to be scanned in so I can work on them properly in photoshop – as you can see, some of them have been taken by camera…

Other than that, did a bit more surfing around and realised I hadn’t looked at any of the 4th years online portfolio – there are some super cool yet nice and simple portfolios to follow – one of which I enjoyed was Kelly Olatanjis’

  • a nice stylized textile home page yet simple and easy to navigate through.

  • I like how when you run the cursor over the small thumbnails of artwork in shows up in full view to the right hand side – I also like how there is a short sentence giving you an idea of her inspiration and so on.
  • Beneath she has a small caption stating the year and technique.

This example of an online portfolio has made me think of whether I need to refine the work going into this portfolio – like put only my strongest in, in order to keep it simple and easy to navigate through…

I must be the worst person for making decisions on time.

Ok – I really need to get to grips with so will keep you posted.