So just to update myself with what’s due tomorrow at 3pm:

Here a few bones for the grave in the making…

  • Just starting off simple for the navigation process – Seeing as all the content I’ve gathered from all realms of my brain, bedroom corners, walls and studio spaces are all over the place I thought I could narrow it down to three or four simple galleries – an artwork/drawings gallery, surface pattern gallery, a structures gallery (knit, weave etc) and maybe or maybe not, a personals gallery – this would consist of all my competiton garments – I will only do this if I can some how figure out where I’ve put them all – they’re probably all over the country by now eeep.
  • Below I have just featured an idea from the site, of how I want the pictures to be clicked on then to be enlarged like this but not so much that you navigate from the entire menu – I like how you can still see the other things in the background.
  • I just want a nice easy simple navigating site that people will find easy to use – but still have an element of awesomeness – I could bring this through the aesthetic of my layout..

Have just gone and broken my simple pip-squeak of a diagram out onto paper:

  • Just further lists what I’m going to feature in all the galleries
  • The bones for the Bio page and the Contact page – to feature blog web address in contacts as well?
  • how each piece will link to others in other galleries – as some of them were from similar assignments or are part of the final pieces process.
  • Need to decide by tomorrow about whether or not to put the ‘personals’ gallery in.

Have just been trying to get an idea of layout so went through some selvedge magazines and a few textile view magazines for inspiration:

  • Liked this idea of layering/ cut’n’paste – very realistic. but at the same time quite cluttered for my style?
  • I like how the text is patched in certain areas – or around objects – could do something cool like this and mix’n’match objects like, drawing utensils, needles, ink splotches etc.
  • selvedge march/april 2010

  • snippets/thumbnails featured down the side and then a finalized object in the centre. This could be a cool example to manipulate into portraying the features/pictures of process towards the final – being the centre image.
  • Think the golden rule – the rule of thirds when planning layouts.
  • And a nice short blurb at the bottom of the page. Niche’
  • Textile View 2009/2010 pg154

  • I liked this layout of fabrics – I was thnking I could try and stylise all my structure pieces in a layout like this, here, there, a bit everywhere and then you can click on a piece for an extra squiz and you then navigate to a full scale piece or the range/samples that go with it?… think on it.
  • Textile view 2010/11 pg149

  • Or close-up framed in pictures of the samples and section them off in equal sized boxes? and play with them in folds and turns?
  • Looks a little nannerish….
  • Textile View 2010/11 pg196

  • In this layout – I like how the pieces are matched together in one box – could do this for each assignment? create boxes of goodies? could have these be the home page and they could all flicker through different images that you can navigate away to…
  • Textile View 2010/11 pg157

My flattie emailed me this neat link into this wicked blog this is their home-page – luv’ it! simple and eye-catching – you just casually click on it and it takes you to their working blog. And every time you re-visit their page the shoe colour changes:

How the frick do you manage that?

  • This is just a page layout image from Selvedge magazine. My home page could just be some mad photograpghed stylized setting with a header at the top and menu down the side
  • Work the golden rule into how to set the theme etc

Ok now I have to jitt – damn security guards at school…

But for now amigos’ I’ll get back into this tomorrow morning – my head is spinning with ideas now!