So, went back to good ole’ face book (I sometimes wish they had a pirate application on wordpress like they do on face book – I’m sure there are a few pirate bloggers out there that agree with me too.) to revisit a few links I had stashed away of interesting designers and illustrators…

Have just been observing their layouts, how they write about themselves in their bios and most of all how they present their work

I’m finding it a little hard to picture how I am going to record my work to present in this online portfolio with out making it look all patchy and chippy, choppy if ya’ know what I mean?..

so here goes:

first of all – the way the web address is formed – most designers/artists choose their name but in Nates case he’s gone for a good old N to the 8 to the W – nice and simple, easy to remember etc. See, that’s cool and all, but to come up with a cool nifty short name is quite differcult – like you could spend ages trying to figure this out – but at the same time you don’t want to come off as a dooshe bag – ie: my email adress begins with the word ‘soulata’ then my last name – I tried to think of a cool tag name to stab work with but after nearly four years of having that email address I cringe every time I have to write it down for some contact thing. And as much as I’m trying to go with the idea of SEW its pretty hard if someones already taken it – ie – is a sewing site haha no hints there.

any ways moving on…

picture layout

This is the home page for Nate Williams site.

  • I like the way everything is neatly boxed into these equalateral squares – nice and simple – it’s even mixed up with few pics of his work applied to the physical product. This helps me have a clearer idea of how I can go about recording my work for my online portfolio – in Textiles I have worked with a range of media – whether its laser cutting, screen-printing, machine knitting, weave, dyeing, surface pattern design and so on – like how do you portray all these things in a sound portfolio that doesn’t come off all pitchy-patchy and chippy-choppy?
  • you can also further click onto this boxes which take you to either a bigger scale of the surface pattern or for more bits of info as shown below. This example has given me an idea of how I could go about presenting my surface pattern designs from my digital textile classes – the big scale is quite overwhelming yet simple to work with.

  • his blurb about himself is not written by him – this looks a little more pro rather than if it being written from the first person – makes it less bloggy like if ya’ get what I mean.
  • I also like how he’s got a bit of advertising on the side and a list of clients at the bottom. It’s almost like a CV.
  • Has also featured some links amongst his bio as well.

  • I’ve always been inspired by Hana Wearnings colourful and contemporary patterns. This is a cool example of how she has featured her wall paper tiles around the text she’s using to advertise her wall paper posters.
  • her blurb features the idea behind the wall paper posters, how they work, dimensions and value.

  • flox is one of my favourite kiwi stencil artists – she has recently been some pretty sweet patterns and producing them into cute little dresses that you can buy from Pixel Ink I like how shes featured a bird in her name font – very her as her as her work features a lot of native birds.
  • beneath her header there is a set of options/homes to click on, ie – clothing, art work, black n white. Another way to look at grouping my work.
  • her background is friggin’ awesome – relates to her background in street art – the detail in the roller paint frame. nice.

  • her items are pictured as photos – white border and some kind of lighting feature to further enhance the final products – you can also click on these to check out more abou them – ie, colour ways, prices and sizes.

  • love how its featured in different languages – this link is so sweet – it feels like you’re being serenaded and set up for a whimsical and peaceful journey – the random piano key sounds probably add to this feeling.
  • Am liking the simple colour palette, tones of grey, black, white and a slight off gold colour for the title of the featured work.
  • Opening page is similar to how Sanna Anunukka has a stylized shot of her work in full scale with the list of options above the top.

  • again, the idea of the rows of boxes – am liking the layout with captions/titles of the work underneath.
  • Close up shots, colour and balance are key to this layout.

  • Another example of the bio-page. Has featured her iconic style in small icons to decorate the bottom.

The link is quite interesting in releasing works – portrays super simple portfolios from designers and by the looks of things a good way to find contract work?

As for the rest of the other links, – massey won’t lemme access this and the other, is a neat place for reading about up and coming designers, artisits, illustrators etc.

Will promise to play around on next time.