So, missed a good three-four hours of the first class…

A little bit about me I suppose would help you understand the purpose in beginning this blog:

My name is Sonya Elspeth Withers – if you take the first three initials of my first, middle and last name, you will come out with SEW. Which brings me to my next point. I am a 3rd year design student majoring in Textile design at the Massey College of Creative Arts institute. I revolve around all things fibre-active (haha – like my pun?) in colour, pattern, form, texture and space. I have done assignments that linger towards fashion and interiors or have used industrial processes to perform end textile results. It’s not simple trying to sum up a major in a few sentences that is so diverse in its own little world. Hopefully this blog/paper will help me carve a sound portfolio of meddled goods that will help you understand this world I live in…

well, back to business.

Assignment#1 is due this friday:

  • figure out the kind of audience, purpose, content and scope of my online portfolio..

I want to use this as an opportunity to portray this world of textiles that I deal with, show people that textiles is not just a few knitting needles and a ball of yarn, but a spectacular, ‘textacular’ movement.

  • research and analyse existing online portfolios and navigation methods inline with my own ideas

The last time I made a portfolio was to get into this design course – and that was a ‘physical’ portfolio, think I have a lot of researchin’ to do…

  • planning my online portfolio content and navigation

It says something about submitting a proposal containing a sketched navigation tree (note to self: copy diagram and details off whiteboard to sketch book) / site map for my online portfolio with supporting synopsis of content (snap shots of textilia goods that will be unleashed in my portfolio muahahaha)

notes I have gathered since being late to class; so far in relation to using photo shop for polishing content for the online portfoliooo:

  • image adjusting in photo shop by playing with levels, brightness and contrast and so on..
  • Actions tab: I can record myself whilst editing images/documents on photo shop
  • when recording work for online portfolio – record work in a way that it communicate your designs
  • process photos in a similar fashion, as do with drawings/sketches to portray a sound wedsite.
  • Work in RGB, 72 dpi – doesn’t really matter for website
  • Save as JPEG or EPS (EPS is more so used for the making of text – less pixelated and more smooth.

links to go wandering through:

will keep you posted on my travels through these sites in the nest post, as for now…